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happy new year folks

ok. um. yeh.

soo... i've been feeling a bit down since last night. i don't really know why.. well, of course i do. ok so this guy i know has a crush on my friend. ok this would be fine if i didnt kind of like the guy and my friend liked someone else. *pulls hair out*

i dont wanna copy cebbie or anything, but she's right. i hate crushes because they totally warp your mind and yes. so i've consecutively got a crush on 3 ppl. but i havent become obsessed yet, which i'm really happy about because thats when it gets horrible. only that... #1 has a gf, #2 i never see and #3 likes my friend.

i should be doing my english project. ok resolutions time:

1: straight a's.
2: better web design
3: practoce the ringo everyday
4: write more?
5: don't cry as much, or be as depressed
6: go to more concerts
7: make clothes

how come these resolutions suck ass?
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