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shuzzle your muzzle!

la la la.... nothing interesting has happened to me... in like... forever.

the japan trip was cancelled, but thats ok, because now i can take summer school and get some stupid stuff out of the way or try and convinve my parents that we should go to newfoundland ;D

good news! i'm having an exchanged student from japan over for a week, very exciting.


hmm... not much else. i'm going to have this schedul next year:

h. english 11
h. chemistry
h. modern world
ap psychology
guided research(web programming)
japanese 3

latin 3
computer programming
commercial art 2

yeep. i reeeeeally hope i can get into webprogramming... if i dont.. well, then, it would suck majorly.

now i'm going to... do my homework.

i need a life.

on the plsu side, erica has given me 3 freakin' absolute ads! jumpin' for joy of vodka.

btw, i also had the WEIRDEST dream ever about toria. but i won't put it here. its real personal. >D
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